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Aux Portes du Circuit

Aux Portes du Circuit 411 Rue de Laigne, 72100 Le Mans, Phone +33 2 43 72 61 80

This can be found 300 yards into town from the main entrance, directly opposite Expo campsite. It is also known as “Jeannine’s” to some CA members as the place is managed by the lovely lady Mme. Jeannine Belnou. Usually a lots of race fans are hanging around there (inside and outside) and are waiting for some burn-outs to happen on the street in front of it. Although this is a bar and restaurant, it has been reported that there will be no food served during the race, just drinks.

Le Ruisseau

Le Ruisseau 73 Avenue National, 72230 Arnage, France, +33 2 43 21 60 40.

This place is situated very near the bus stop in arnage's main road so it has become my meeting point once you arrive from Le Mans on bus. Several of us always have a few cold beers and maybe a fish and chips. Food is good and beer is cold and the service is with a smile. On Mad Friday this place can become very crowded but its a great spot to watch the zaniness that engulfs Arnage during Le Mans 24.

La vieille cloche

La vieille cloche 55 avenue Nationale, 72230 Arnage, Phone +33 2 43 21 10 03.

Again this resturant is situated very near the bus stop in arnage's main road, probably the best place we tried in Arnage last weekend. Breakfast was consistently very good and served up by a lovely waitress. We ate dinner here on one evening, again with great service and quality food. The set menus are great value and the ambiance is convivial.

la casa di benito

la casa di benito, 95 avenue Nationale, 72230 Arnage, Phone +33 2 43 21 84 28.

A pizza bar on the main high street of arnage, near to the Hotel F1, a family atmosphere to discover their "homemade" specialties: pancake, pizzeria salad and meats.


L'Arlequin, 83 Avenue Nationale, 72230 Arnage, Phone +33 2 43 21 10 29.

situated by the roundabout in the centre of arnage. This place is a decent place to eat especially lunch times. Not expensive with the usual fixed price menu and a few tables to sit outside and a big outside eatery behind.

Bar du Centre

Bar du Centre, 106 Avenue Nationale, 72230 Arnage, Phone +33 2 43 21 10 21.

Next to the fountain in the middle of the roundabout in Arnage, it has plenty of tables outside and is also a cigarette shop. Well known already to many since lots of people have been soaked enough times as they pass!

Auberge des Hunaudieres

Auberge des Hunaudieres, Les Hunaudieres, 72230 Ruaudin, Phone: +33 2 43 84 98 14.

Approx 500 yards before the first of the chicanes on the Mulsanne straight, During racing week as the restaurant is usually taken over by corporate hospitality. However, there is still an open air public bar to the rear of the building. To get to Les Hunaudieres and the Shanghai des 24 Heures head South East on the N142 (Route du Mans) running parallel to the Mulsanne Straight. Take one of the right turnings heading towards the circuit and you will enter the network of one way roads. The restaurant will be signposted and there will be French police or race officials willing to direct you. Eventually you will end up in a field at the back of the restaurant where you can park for free.

Au Bugatti

Au Bugatti, 299 Rue de Laigne, 72100 Le Mans, Phone: +33 2 43 72 18 67.

French Sports bar that serving light food during the day. The walls are adorned with photographs and memorabilia of the race, making this a relaxing and cultural way to start your day. It’s definitely worth stopping by here for breakfast or a coffee. To get to Bar Bugatti head north from the main circuit entrance and museum on “Rue de Laigne”. The bar is approximately 1 mile down the road on your right, within close proximity of the Expo campsite, on the same road as the restaurant “Aux Portes du Circuit”.

Le Tertre Rouge

Le Tertre Rouge, Route Tours, Le Mans, Phone +33 2 43 84 28 53.

Also called “Stella Bar”. This lively bar is located at the exit of the Tertre Rouge corner, on the outside of the circuit. In easy reach of both Houx Annexe cand Tertre Rouge campsites and viewing enclosures. It sells, Stella Artois almost exclusively. Busy from Wednesday onwards, being a friendly and sociable meeting point. You will find the Stella Bar where the road to the Houx Annexe campsite passes underneath the Mulsanne straight.

La Boule d'Or

La Boule d'Or, 41 Avenue François Mitterrand, 72230 Mulsanne, Phone: +33 2 43 42 00 45.

Excellent food, good beer, this has been highly recommended. As a specialty they promote their “choucroute de la mer”, a mixed seafood plate. To get there, turn in the direction of Tours (south) at Mulsanne roundabout, overall is is about 500 metres away from Mulsanne corner at the racetrack. There is also a bar and a tobacco shop included. this restaurant has gone from strength to strength. During the race things change of course, but always good food to be found.

Café de la Bourse

Café Leffe, 11 Place de la République, 72000 Le Mans, Phone +33 2 43 28 08 35.

Very Good cheap beer. The staff are courteous, Very nice terrace, ideal for a drink on sunny days.

La Boheme

a Boheme, 27-29 Place de la République, 72000 Le Mans, Phone +33 2 43 87 28 72.

Located in Le mans, La Boheme Restaurant, is a place of the night in Le mans.

Le Venezia

Le Venezia, 41 Place de la République, 72000 Le Mans, Phone: +33 2 43 23 55 34.

Located in Le mans,

Bar Le Zoo

Bar Le Zoo, 38 Rue du Port, 72000 Le Mans, Phone +33 2 43 24 15 89.

Located in Le mans,