Ferry Information

Operator Departing Port Arrival Port Crossing Time Crossings Contact
Dover Calais 1Hr 30Min 16/Day 0871 574 7235
Dunkirk 2Hr 0Min 12/Day
Newhaven Dieppe 4Hr 3/Day
Folkstone Calais 35Min 49/Day 0844 335 3535
Dover Calais 1Hr 30Min 25/Day 0800 130 0030
Hull Rotterdam 11Hr 30Min 7/Week
Plymouth Roscoff 5Hr 30Min 2/Day 0330 159 7000
St Malo 10Hr 30Min 1/Week
Poole Cherbourg 4Hr 15Min 7/Week
Portsmouth St Malo 11Hr 7/Week
Caen 5Hr 45Min 3/Day
Cherbourg 3Hr 10/Week
Le Havre 8Hr 7/Week
Harwich Rotterdam 6Hr 30Min 14/Week 0844 770 7070
Portsmouth Cherbourg 5Hr 30Min 1/Week 0345 609 1024

These are not guaranteed times and cannot be relied upon, They are for guidance only. For accurate times please check with operators for exact crossing times.

Travel Times, Distance, Toll Charges

Port Le Mans
Time Toll Route Spa
Time Toll Route Nurburg
Time Toll Route
Calais 426Km 4Hr 30Min 34.80 € A16, A28 344Km 3Hr 30Min 0.00 € A16, E40 434Km 5Hr 20Min 0.00 € A16, E40
Dunkirk 466Km 4Hr 50Min 34.80 € A16, A28 301Km 3Hr 00Min 0.00 € A16, E40 391Km 5Hr 00Min 0.00 € E40 B258
Dieppe 272Km 2Hr 45Min 26.70 € A28 450Km 5Hr 45Min 0.00 € E19, E42 537Km 6Hr 20Min 45.95 € A2, E42
Roscoff 366Km 3Hr 45Min 10.90 € N12, A81 917Km 9Hr 20Min 31.60 € N12, A84 1007Km 11Hr 00Min 84.18 € N12, A84
St Malo 223Km 2Hr 25Min 10.90 € N157, A81 745Km 7Hr 25Min 31.60 € A84, E42 835Km 9Hr 00Min 69.61 € A84, E42
Cherbourg 281Km 3Hr 10Min 15.70 € N13, A28 698Km 7Hr 00Min 31.60 € N13, E42 787Km 9Hr 00Min 66.70 € N13,E42
Caen 168Km 1Hr 40Min 15.70 € A88, A28 575Km 5Hr 30Min 31.60 € A29, E42 665Km 7Hr 20Min 55.97 € A29,E42
Le Havre 213Km 2Hr 40Min 24.20 € D27, A28 575Km 5Hr 40Min 31.60 € A29, E42 602Km 6Hr 46Min 50.87 € A29,E42
Rotterdam 693Km 6Hr 50Min 41.20 € E17, A28 257Km 2Hr 50Min 0.00 € E313 326Km 3Hr 30Min 0.00 € A58, A61

These are approximate times and amounts, They are for guidance only. Routes are advisory and may not match the route you take.